Country List - By Free Proxy World
There are currently 90 countries have proxy servers in our database.
Country Proxy Count Country Code Country Full Name
United States 26911 US the United States of America
Cyprus 1787 CY the Republic of Cyprus
Belize 1774 BZ
Germany 1400 DE the Federal Republic of Germany
Virgin Islands, British 1279 VG British Virgin Islands (the)
Denmark 1024 DK the Kingdom of Denmark
Netherlands 749 NL the Kingdom of the Netherlands
United Kingdom 540 GB the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Russia 523 RU the Russian Federation
Spain 286 ES the Kingdom of Spain
Ukraine 270 UA
Canada 253 CA
China 206 CN the People's Republic of China
France 47 FR the French Republic
Japan 35 JP
Indonesia 32 ID the Republic of Indonesia
India 26 IN the Republic of India
Egypt 26 EG the Arab Republic of Egypt
Brazil 25 BR the Federative Republic of Brazil
Colombia 24 CO the Republic of Colombia
Thailand 23 TH the Kingdom of Thailand
Bangladesh 20 BD the People's Republic of Bangladesh
Singapore 20 SG the Republic of Singapore
Cambodia 17 KH the Kingdom of Cambodia
Hong Kong SAR 16 HK the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of China
Korea 13 KR the Republic of Korea
Argentina 13 AR the Argentine Republic
Australia 11 AU
Vietnam 11 VN the Socialist Republic of Viet Nam
Ireland 10 IE
Turkey 10 TR the Republic of Turkey
Mexico 10 MX the United Mexican States
Chile 8 CL the Republic of Chile
Italy 7 IT the Republic of Italy
Ecuador 7 EC the Republic of Ecuador
Poland 7 PL the Republic of Poland
Iran 6 IR the Islamic Republic of Iran
Kazakhstan 6 KZ the Republic of Kazakhstan
Peru 6 PE the Republic of Peru
Libya 6 LY
Romania 5 RO
Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela 5 VE the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela
Uzbekistan 4 UZ the Republic of Uzbekistan
Czech Republic 4 CZ the Czech Republic
South Africa 3 ZA the Republic of South Africa
Tanzania 3 TZ the United Republic of Tanzania
Austria 3 AT the Republic of Austria
Switzerland 3 CH the Swiss Confederation
Taiwan 3 TW
Honduras 3 HN the Republic of Honduras
Bulgaria 3 BG the Republic of Bulgaria
Malaysia 3 MY
Serbia 3 RS the Republic of Serbia
Finland 3 FI the Republic of Finland
Nigeria 3 NG the Federal Republic of Nigeria
Philippines 3 PH the Republic of the Philippines
Pakistan 3 PK the Islamic Republic of Pakistan
Saudi Arabia 2 SA the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Paraguay 2 PY the Republic of Paraguay
Bolivia 2 BO the Plurinational State of Bolivia
Panama 2 PA the Republic of Panama
Hungary 2 HU
Mauritius 2 MU the Republic of Mauritius
Palestinian Authority 2 PS the State of Palestine
Lithuania 2 LT the Republic of Lithuania
Sweden 2 SE the Kingdom of Sweden
United Arab Emirates 1 AE the United Arab Emirates
Lebanon 1 LB the Lebanese Republic
Belarus 1 BY the Republic of Belarus
Mozambique 1 MZ the Republic of Mozambique
Trinidad and Tobago 1 TT the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago
Fiji Islands 1 FJ the Republic of Fiji
Benin 1 BJ the Republic of Benin
Myanmar 1 MM the Republic of the Union of Myanmar
Kyrgyzstan 1 KG the Kyrgyz Republic
Iraq 1 IQ the Republic of Iraq
Slovakia 1 SK the Slovak Republic
Mali 1 ML the Republic of Mali
Norway 1 NO the Kingdom of Norway
Rwanda 1 RW the Republic of Rwanda
Albania 1 AL the Republic of Albania
Malawi 1 MW the Republic of Malawi
Greece 1 GR the Hellenic Republic
Dominican Republic 1 DO the Dominican Republic
Zambia 1 ZM the Republic of Zambia
Senegal 1 SN the Republic of Senegal
Burkina Faso 1 BF
Costa Rica 1 CR the Republic of Costa Rica
Israel 1 IL the State of Israel
Puerto Rico 1 PR